Three Ways to Afford Home Healthcare

Many seniors today want to stay in their own homes but there are some that are just not able to do all the things that are required for daily living. When this happens, they may have to move into assisted living facilities or a nursing home. If they do not want to do that, the last choice would be home health care but this can be expensive. How expensive it will be depends on where you live.

Generally, it is lower in rural communities than it is in urban communities. It also depends on what type of senior homecare you need such as one that takes care of the cooking and housekeeping along with taking care of the patient’s personal needs, taking care of just the patient’s personal needs, live-in, or just for a few hours a few days a week. On average, it can cost as much as eighteen dollars or more an hour.

Most seniors are retired or on disability, so they live on a fixed income but there are ways they can afford home healthcare and remain independent.

Veteran’s benefits in order to get these benefits you will have to have severed more than ninety days of active service with at least one day served during a period of wartime and have an honorable discharge. Seniors may be entitled to monthly disability payments referred to as aid and attendance. You will need documentation from a physician and what you would receive is based on how disabled you are.
Life insurance this is not insurance that you would need for final expenses but life insurance that you no longer need that provided coverage for others. If you have any of these policies, you could sell it back to the agency that issued it for fifty to seventy-five percent of the face value of the policy.

What the face value is will be determined by the amount of the policy, the policyholder’s health, and age, and the amount of the policy. If your insurance company will not buy your insurance policy back you can check with a settlement company who will pay the premium on the policy and when the policyholder dies, the settlement company will collect the benefits.
Using Medicare/Medicaid Medicare coverage is usually used when you are discharged from a rehabilitation facility or hospital.

You will be eligible for therapy and skilled nursing care through a Medicare-certified agency. With Medicaid, your income would need to be low and have very little in other financial resources such as savings. You would have to apply to see if you would be eligible.

If eligible, several programs under Medicaid may help with homecare both long-term and short-term.

How to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle?

How to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle?

What is a healthy lifestyle? A good passionate career, comfortable home, healthy body and good relationships are indications of a good lifestyle.

Similarly, your smile, great energy, stamina and your healthy body promotes your healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is important to live a long and healthy life.

Our life revolves around 3 basic circles of concern named as health, career and relationships. A good career can solve 50% problems of your life. Rest can be solved by following fitness tips and good advice on relationship.

Key factors of a healthy lifestyle

Stop worrying and start living
Proper diet plans
Relaxed Sleep
A great mindset to overcome difficulties
Good career

Stop worrying and start living

It is the title of a great book written by Mr. Dale Carnegie. It is a good book and I encourage you to read it. As mentioned in the title, it is important that you stop worrying about uncontrollable things in your life. Stop negative thinking. Think positive, feel positive, and act positive.

A great mindset to overcome difficulties

Our major problems are due to fear, doubt and other conflicts. Everyone faces certain problems in certain areas of our life. It is the nature of our life experience. It does not mean we should become worried. Tension has a direct negative influence upon our health.

Difficulties are a necessary part of our life. It almost impossible to avoid them but we can overcome them with our strength and lifestyle. You cannot adopt a healthy lifestyle, if you are always worried about your job and relationships.


Health is a must necessity to live a healthy life. Do not forget to follow these fitness tips:

It is recommended to have 3 to 4 fruit servings and 6 to 8 vegetable servings each day. My clients told me that it is not easy to do for more than one week, so I recommend you to have just 1 to 2 fruit servings each day.
Salad in a 6 inch diameter plate
One glass of juice
8 glasses of water
Proper meals at right time
Healthy snacking at 11Am( approximately 4 hours after breakfast)
Evening tea( 3 to 4 hours after lunch)
Juice or milk after dinner
10 to 20 minutes morning walk
Evening exercise, 3 times in a week
8 hours relaxed sleep at night

Above recommended steps are easy to follow and they are the must factors of a healthy lifestyle. Do use these steps in your daily life and tell me about your experience.

Impact of tea on human health

Tea is one among the most lovable beverages for many people in the world. It is famous not only for its soothing and delicious flavor but also for other benefits. For many years in leading Asian countries, house guests and office visitors are welcomed with serving of tea. It has been scientifically proven now that tea imparts many benefits on human health. The healing properties include effective immunity development within human body. Let’s know more about goodness of this hot beverage on our health –

Antioxidant capacity

Flavonoids is the leading content in Green tea and is known to have excellent antioxidant property. This specific feature of green leaf is known as the best way to reverse effects of aging on body. This component is also found in white teas also; while the same is available in comparatively lesser amount in oolong and least in black leaf. Flavanoids are also known as polyphenols which work by scavenging free radicals (cell destructors? Herbal infusion bearing flavonoid is known well to possess 20 to 30 times more antioxidant capacity than vitamin C and vitamin E.


Caffeine can be beneficial for health according to the latest scientific discoveries. Caffeine works for stimulation of metabolism, increased brain efficiency and alertness. Still caffeine should be taken in limited amount as its overdose can start leaving unwanted effects on the body. Still a typical cup of tea can be expected to offer you about 125 to 185 mg of this chemical. In order to fill you with energy in morning a cup of black tea is far good than a cup of strong coffee. Effect of coffee also depends upon another component i. e. theophylline. Caffeine works for activity of brain and muscles while theophylline is good to stimulate respiratory system, kidney function and heart function.

Nutritional supplements

As tea contains carotene, the precursor of vitamin A, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, ascorbic acid, riboflavin, fluoride, manganese, vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 and folic acid; it can offer lots of nutritional value to human beings. In this way, it becomes dietary source for many vitamins and minerals. On the basis of type and process of its preparation the proportion of caffeine varies in various teas.

With more research and trials major health benefits accrued to tea will be confirmed. Anyway the hot beverage is a fantastic drink that cheers.

Uday writes often on green tea leaf that accords maximum health benefits. He writes often on beverages that are popular all over the World.